Những đoạn hội thoại tiếng Anh trong nhà hàng dưới đây là những ví dụ thực tế sinh động cho các bạn khi cùng bạn bè hoặc gia đình tới các nhà hàng. Hãy cùng  học theo nhé!

Hội thoại tiếng Anh trong nhà hàng.

Inviting People For A Meal
A: Hi Chris. Do you fancy going for lunch?
B: Yeah, why not?

A: Shall we say twelve thirty?

B: Alright, see you then.


– Arriving At A Restaurant


A: Good evening, Sir.

B: Good evening. A table for two, please.

A: Do you have a reservation?

B: No we haven’t.

A: One minute please sir….This way, please.

B: Thank you.


– Asking What Your Friend Would Like To Eat


A: Eric, have you ever had dim sum?

B: Yes, but I can never remember the names.

A: Is there anything you especially like?

B: Well, I really don’t know….

A: OK. Is there any food you don’t eat?

B: Well, I don’t eat meat. But I like any kind of fish or vegetables.

A: Then let me order some food for you.


– Ordering Food


A: Are you ready to order Sir?

B: Yes, I’d like the chicken, please.

A: The chicken. Certainly, Sir.

B: And one vegetable lasagne as well, please.

A: And vegetable lasagne. And to drink?

B: Have you got white wine?

A: We have. Would you like to see the wine list?

B: Just give us two glasses of house white, please.

A: Thank you, Sir.


– Persuading Your Friend To Try New Dishes


A: Have you tried this one yet? It’s very tasty.

B: Mm…that looks good. What’s inside it?

A: It’s got eggplant, brocoli and cheese. Would you like to try?

B: Yes…mn…delicious.

A: Have you had one of those yet? It’s a kind of dumpling.

B: Mm, they’re really good.


– Paying the Bill 


A: Could we have the bill please?

B: Chris, let me get this.

A: No, no. You got it last time. It’s on me.

B: Ok, it’s very good of you.


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