Tienganhonline.net: Cụm từ về chất lượng, khen chê, khả năng, sự vội vàng

Be custom-made / custom-built /tailor-made: để chỉ cái gì đó được làm theo số đo

  •  VD : It seems to me that you’re tailor made for the job


Be made / built to last: có khả năng chống chịu tốt

  •  VD : This Roland piano is really made to last with such high quality material.


Be rough and ready: chất lượng tầm thấp

  •  VD : He doesn’t have a lot of time to look for accomodation. He just stays in that rough and ready flat near his office.


Give the credit when it’s due: khen khi ai đó đáng được khen

  •  VD: You haven’t done anything admirable yet. I’ll give the credit when it’s due instead of praising you so soon.


It’s no less than you deserve: Bạn xứng đáng nhận được điều đó

  •  VD : You have worked to hard to become a manager. It’s no less than you deserve.


Way to go! Rất tốt!

  •  VD: What? You win the singing contest? Way to go buddy!


There’s room for improvement: Vẫn còn có cái để cải thiện

  •  VD : The system is still defective. There’s room for improvement here


That’s not good enough: Chưa tốt lắm
What a load of crap: Toàn thứ linh tinh!

In all likelihood: Cái chắc chắn nhất là

  •  VD : In all likelihood, he will go regardless of your decision.

It stands to reason: Điều lô-gic là

  •  It stands to reason why he doesn’t lose weight. He never exercises.

Just in case: để đề phòng

  •  VD : It hasn’t rained yet, but I’ll take the umbrella just in case


The odds are: Điều chắc chắn là

  •  VD : The odds are your house will be broken in if you don’t lock the door.


It’s a dead certain: cái này chắc chắn rồi (UK)

  •  VD : She’s dead cert for the job, for all the experience she got.


The odds-on favourite: là thứ có khả năng cao nhất

  •  VD : The odds-on favourite to win this tennis game is Daniel.


I/sb saw it coming: Tôi đã thấy nó đến

  •  VD : No one expects the factory to close. But I saw it coming


It comes as no surprise to sb: Không có gì là bất ngờ cả

  •  VD : It comes as no surprise to me as she became such a famous singer. She has such a wonderful voice.


No surprise there: Không có gì là bất ngờ cả

  •  VD : She failed the test. No surprise there because she didn’t study anything at all.


Not by a long shot: Không có khả năng  xảy ra

  •  VD : You think I’m going to lend you money again? Think again! I’m not doing thí by a long shot</li>


Be bound to happen / be set to happen: Sẽ sảy ra

  •  VD : The weather suddenly turns cool and windy. A storm is bound to happen</li>


Be a forgone conclusion: 1 điều đã được kết luận trước

  •  VD : She has been delaying paying the rent for 2 months now. Her being forced out of the room is only a foregone conclusion.


Cut it fine: chỉ có thời gian vừa đủ để làm gì đó

  •  VD : She arrived only 5 minutes before the test. She just cut it fine!


Jump the gun: quá vội vàng

  •  VD : We’re just met. Don’t you think you are jumping the gun to be talking about marriage now?

Time’s up!: Đã hết thời gian


All time in the world: Có thừa thời gian

  •  VD : She always seems to have all time in the world. Such a lazy person!


For long as it takes/ take your time: làm đến bao lâu cũng được

  • VD : Take your time using the computer. I don’t need it now.



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