TiengAnhOnline.net xin giới thiệu với các bạn các cụm từ tiếng Anh được sử dụng khi nói về tình yêu


Be seeing anyone / be dating s.o: đang hẹn hò ai đó

  • VD : He is dating Mary and at the same time seeing Jane. What a two faced jerk!


To make a play for / to hit on / to try it on: tán tỉnh ai đó

  •  VD : Some guy hit on me when I was standing at the bar.





Go steady with someone: có mối quan hệ vững vàng với ai đó

  •  VD : Their relationship has been going for 5 years now. They really go steady with each other.


Be made for each other: có tiền duyên với ai

  •  VD : Paul and Ann were made for each other.


Beat on SB / fool around / play around: lừa đảo ai

  •  VD : He wasn’t serious in this relationship. He was just fooling around with her.


Break up /split up: chia tay

  •  VD : They aren’t with each other anymore. They have already broke up.


Go your own ways: mỗi người một đường

  •  VD : They are thinking about divorce and going their own ways.


Drop/ ditch s.o: bỏ ai đó

  •  VD : Did you know that Sarah has ditched her boyfriend?


To let go: để mọi chuyện vào quá khứ

  •  VD : I think it’s best we let go our argument yesterday and make peach with each other.


Have no strings (attached): không có ràng buộc tình cảm với ai

  •  VD : They are just together for sexual pleasure. No strings attached.


Be on the lookout: đang tìm đối tượng

  •  VD : He’s on the lookout for another girl right now. He already split up with his old girlfriend.



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