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Để diễn tả sự mệt mỏi


  • (to be) done in / (to be) done to death : rất mệt mỏi

Ex: I have an awful day today.  A lot of work to do. I’m done in.


  • To hit the sack / hit the hay: đi ngủ

Ex: It’s already 2a.m. I think we should hit the sack now.


  • (to be) pooped / knackered / be shagged out : rất mệt mỏi

Ex: How are you tonight? Knackered!



Để diễn tả sự đầy năng lượng


  • (Get/have/give) a new lease on life / a new lease of life : có được cuộc sống mới, , được dùng khi ai đó có thay đổi tích cực trong cuộc sống

Ex: Traveling around the world will definitely give him a new lease on life, don’t you think so?


  • And still going strong : và vẫn bền bỉ

Ex: The first album of Westlife has been released 20 years ago, and still going strong!


  • (to be) full of beans : đầy đủ năng lượng / khoẻ

Ex: You’re full of beans today; have you been taking something?


  • To set the world on fire: làm đảo lộn thế giới

Ex: When you are young of course you think that you are going to set the world on fire, but when you get to my age…



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